Personal, Social and Health Education

We have always believed in the importance of our pupils playing the role of active protagonists in the construction of their identities and life projects. That is why we have consistently prioritised the development of their socio-emotional skills to allow them to act with a sense of responsibility, reciprocity and belonging. However, after a year of living through a pandemic, much of our communications have moved from the traditional face-to-face model to the online sphere. With the pandemic set to continue, at least over the medium term, we are now incorporating a new curriculum which balances online and face-to-face learning to promote these skills.

We would therefore like to invite you to learn more about our Personal, Social, Health and Education (PSHE) programme which, by means of the integration of a curriculum designed to boost online education, will provide us with the most appropriate tools with which to meet the challenges of the world today.

The PSHE programme focuses on the comprehensive development of all our pupils. Based on a curriculum which prioritises both formal and informal activities geared towards strengthening their emotional and digital wellbeing, the programme includes four key areas to increase the emotional, social and digital skills of each one: