With support from the Parents’ Association, this programme assists parents to develop the skills that our children require in today’s world. Its focus is on ensuring that pupils grow with integrity, that they are equipped with the right tools to develop interpersonal bonds with others, and capable of harnessing their ability to regulate themselves in a world of excess in order to achieve sound emotional wellbeing.

The programme is based on the core competencies identified by the last ten years of research into the essential components required for the development of a harmonious home. Its fundamental approach is based on a vision and ability to educate boys and girls who seek emotional wellbeing and the skills to face challenges in a positive way.

By means of eight key topics, the programme offers monthly training with the most prominent international specialists in the following fields:

Competencias para promover la empatía en el hogar

Habilidades para impulsar la autoestima familiar

Buenas prácticas para aumentar la creatividad en jóvenes y adolescentes

Ejercicios para aumentar la resiliencia en menores

Estrategias para ayudar a la resolución de conflictos

Habilidades en el manejo de estrés

Capacidades para aumentar momentos de atención y foco en productividad

Desarrollo de la comunicación familiar

Herramientas para promover la autonomía e independencia

Competencias para entender y mejorar los procesos de aprendizajes

Habilidades de relacionamiento y competencias para el desarrollo de relaciones sanas, focalizándose en observar y reconocer las necesidades de los demás