The PSHE activities are applied across all levels of education and seek to form pupils according to the Grangonian Profile. The following values permeate all such activities:

All Rounder:Responsibility to strive to develop pupil talent and academic performance as well as sporting and artistic abilities in the most comprehensive way possible, highlighting effort and personal improvement.
Spirit of Service: Commitment to identify the needs of pupils and to be proactive in helping them to overcome their greatest challenges, thus demonstrating a conscious leadership for others.
Fair Play: Inspired by a healthy respect for rules and honesty in sport, a Fair Play-based conscience seeks to extend these principles to all areas of life, promoting a dedication to justice, discipline and self-control.
Team Spirit: Prioritising a sense of collective unity and solidarity to ensure that decision-making is founded on the basis of the common good.
Joy of Learning: Commitment to teaching with love, passion and purpose in order to stimulate a curiosity for knowledge and a joy of learning.
Good Manners: Ability to respect and empathise with others before acting and prioritising kindness in all relationships.

In order to ensure that the goals of the PSHE Programme are fulfilled across all year groups, teachers work on the basis of four core strands:

  1. Spirit of Service
  2. Convivencia Escolar
  3. Self-care and Wellbeing
  4. Identity and Life Proyect

In addition, the PSHE programme offers a series of macro activities, called Key Dates, in which all pupils, teachers and other school staff participate in joint activities.

The programme also envisages pupils from Year 8 to 13 acting as school monitors to positively influence younger pupils and to promote their social and personal wellbeing in an active and collaborative manner.

With this goal in mind, pupils participate in groups called TECHAR (Tolerance, Empathy, Commitment, Honesty, Attitude and Responsibility), Peer Support and the Prevention Team, all of which include representatives from all levels of the school community. This methodology aims to develop leadership skills and empathy and is critical to the achievement of the Grangonian Profile. Thanks to this type of activities, the PSHE programme strengthens the moral identity of our students by placing their abilities at the service of others.